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Do you want to learn more about poverty?

Below are some links to research materials and statistics that help explain poverty.

First up, for domestic research, is the master key to poverty in the U.S. The Census Bureau’s analysis based on the numbers from their data base.

James Heckman, PhD is a Nobel Prize winner in Economics from the University of Chicago. He has put together an organization called the The Heckman Equation that is filled with studies and research that reveal proven programs that move people from poverty to a good and productive life.

Does climate change effect poverty? Of course it does. Here’s some research to guide you through that issue.

In this talk Dr. Jamie Hanson, assistant professor at the University of Pittsburgh, reviews and summarizes data from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and public health epidemiology to speak about the impacts that child poverty can have on the developing brain. He also discusses the implications of these neurological changes for the classroom and available resources educators can use to reduce the impacts of poverty on their students’ brains.

“How wonderful it is that no one need wait a single moment to start to improve the world”- Anne Frank