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About Us

It’s Actually Not About Us

Butterfly PAC is about every child, every family, and every community that cares for its children. We are about transforming failing schools so that every child can learn. We’re about justice and equality so that families remain intact and financially secure. We are about protecting our planet, environment, and climate so that every child can breathe clean air, drink clean water, and live in beauty.

It’s about them. And, it’s about YOU. 

Your voice, your activism, your vote,  your influence, your compassion, and your resources are the key to leveraging government assets on behalf of those without. These tools, that are uniquely yours, will become the story of Butterfly PAC. 

Government assets are now used, mostly, to benefit those with resources, those with the money to hire lobbyists, make campaign contributions, and buy influence. It is a sad story because individuals with little to nothing are written out of it. But, you can change the ending. 

We invite you to become a part of who we want to be. We invite you to determine our collective success. On these pages you will find our mission, our vision, our goals, and our values. Whether we live up to our lofty aspirations depends on how YOU write the story of Butterfly PAC. Please, draw inspiration from these desired outcomes, and from the depth of your compassionate heart, to write a happy ending for our children’s future. 

More Ways for You to Flap Your Wings
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