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Mission, Vision & Strategy


ButterflyPAC’s mission is to make the end of poverty and hunger a priority for elected officials.


ButterflyPAC envisions a world where ending hunger and poverty is embedded public policy on a par with defense, the economy, employment and healthcare.


ButterflyPAC will get candidates to commit to our vision. In return they will receive tangible campaign support.



ButterflyPAC is political, but it is not partisan. We support elected officials who fight hunger and poverty without regard to party.


ButterflyPAC is accountable to the public and our donors. Our financial statements will be public. Our donors must be willing to have their names made public.


ButterflyPAC, by law, cannot and does not coordinate its campaigns with any candidate, candidate’s committee, or political party. We consult with non-profits and charities that deal with poverty and hunger to understand their needs, however decisions made by ButterflyPAC are made solely by our board of advisers and management.


ButterflyPAC believes that a decision made by a diverse group of people will always be better than a decision made by the best of any one group of people. Diversity is not just a goal, it’s a necessity.


Hunger and poverty make us determined. Our response to that determination is to fix what is needed to end poverty and hunger. ButterflyPAC is committed to be a strong organization with good governance and awesome communications.

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"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich."

John F. Kennedy