Dear Friends of The Butterfly PAC,

Our founder, the late A.J. Wagner, would often say the reason he devoted his time and resources to creating the Butterfly PAC was, “No one wants children to live in poverty and in hunger. Providing education, working on research, and interacting with elected officials is our hope to make a difference, to move the trajectory.”  In this spirit the Butterfly PAC was born to work with elected officials to move forward with them to eradicate childhood hunger and poverty. 

Following A.J.’s death, you responded to keep his memory and commitment alive. Thank you cannot begin to express the depth of gratitude of his family, his colleagues and most importantly, the children impacted by poverty and hunger. Your support is making a difference.  

This past year, A.J.’s illness and death have brought significant changes to the Butterfly PAC. In the wake of his cancer diagnosis, leadership changes were put into place to ensure that the mission of the Butterfly PAC would continue. A new board was created, more seats were set at the table and, inspired by A.J.’s vision, we hope to bring our shared dream to fruition.

In the Fall a group of six of us, three original teammates and three new ones, set out to renew and deepen the Butterfly PAC’s commitment to serve the poor and hungry. We hope that you will continue to join us with your support of the Butterfly PAC in eliminating childhood hunger and poverty.

Your donations are used to encourage and support candidates who are leading efforts to compassionately address the needs of poor and hungry people.

We’ve attached our renewed vision and mission for you to review. We have thought long and hard on it, and we feel it honors A.J.’s founding intent as well as his lifelong commitment to compassion and mercy. May you be ignited to serve those most in need with humility and kindness.

In thanksgiving for the past and looking with hope to the future,

Vickie Asikoye, Chair
Shannon Kaschak, Secretary
Marv Baldwin, Vice Chair & Treasurer
Pankaj Agarwal, Advisor

Join us at Butterfly PAC where we create
the political will to end poverty and hunger

The Butterfly Effect:

A small change in a complex dynamic system can lead to large consequences. A butterfly can flap its wings in Ohio ultimately creating a cool breeze in Kenya.

A New Approach


Most NGOs working on these issues wait for legislation they can support or work to create legislation. We take a different tack. We provide tangible support to elected officials or candidates who commit to being leaders in the fight for a healthy, loving world. We will support them and in return they will make ending poverty and hunger one of their top legislative priorities.



Poverty and hunger are increasing. As reported by United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, COVID-19 has caused a sharp increase in humanitarian need. ButterflyPAC promotes policies that will get out ahead of these numbers:

Around the World

An astounding 370 %

more people are experiencing catastrophic levels of hunger since last year.

A tragic 45 million

people are now at risk of famine.

53.7 million

Children face permanent physical and mental damage from hunger and malnutrition this year.


United States

More than 40 million

people in the U.S. will live in poverty in 2022.

13 million

children in the U.S. will face food insecurity in 2022.

Sadly, 60 million

people will make use of a food bank or food pantry in the U.S. this year.


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“Poverty is a very complicated issue, but feeding a child isn’t.”- Jeff Bridges


Can Make a Just World