Over 42 million people in the United States are likely to experience food insecurity this year. And yet, despite the enormity of this problem, ending hunger in the U.S. is within our grasp. We have the resources to make hunger a thing of the past – what’s missing are bold leaders who understand the systems that fuel hunger & who can lead change to eliminate it for good.

We’re excited to announce ButterflyPAC’s participation in the Congressional Hunger Center’s End Hunger in 30 Challenge, a 30-day course on hunger in the U.S., its causes, and its solutions. Starting October 1, participants will receive email prompts and 30-minute mini-lessons, diving into the basics of hunger in the U.S., the drivers of hunger, anti-hunger policy, and effective advocacy. Join today so we can end hunger by 2030.

The End Hunger in 30 Challenge prepares you to be an effective advocate for ending hunger in your community. Set aside 30 minutes a day for guided lessons, readings from experts, and a lively discussion forum to sharpen your knowledge and skills as a Zero Hunger Advocate. Complete it during your morning or evening commute, or even at lunch time—you’ll receive daily email reminders to keep you on-track.

Registration is free, so enroll today with your fellow anti-hunger advocates for the End Hunger in 30 Challenge! Sign up here: https://endhungerin30.org.

Join us at ButterflyPAC where we back candidates who commit to end poverty and hunger.

The Butterfly Effect:

A small change in a complex dynamic system can lead to large consequences. A butterfly can flap its wings in Ohio ultimately creating a cool breeze in Kenya.


A New Approach

Most NGOs working on these issues wait for legislation they can support or work to create legislation. We take a different tack. We provide tangible support to elected officials or candidates who commit to being leaders in the fight for a healthy, loving world. We will support them and in return they will make ending poverty and hunger one of their top legislative priorities.



Poverty and hunger is increasing. As reported by the United Nations World Food Program and the Columbia University Center on Poverty and Social Policy, COVID-19 could set poverty back by decades. ButterflyPAC promotes candidates who are willing to get out ahead of these predicted numbers:

Around the World

265 million

will face acute food insecurity.

Over 3.4 billion

half of the world – will live on less than $5.50 a day.

Almost 800 million

will live on less than $1.90 by the end of 2020.


United States

Almost 50 million

people will live in poverty.

23.5 %

of children will live in poverty.


was the last year poverty was this high.


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Can Make a Just World

"We are witnessing attempts to use poverty and disadvantage as tools to silence voices. It is a further dehumanizing and delegitimizing of the poor."

Charles Blow