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Walmart and McDonald’s have the most workers on food stamps and Medicaid, new study shows

“Alice Walton, Jim Walton, and Rob Walton — the richest members of the family that owns Walmart — have seen their collective wealth grow by $43 billion ($43,000,000,000) during the pandemic, and their corporation has enjoyed record profits throughout. But according to a new study by the Government Accountability Office, Walmart is one of the top four employers of SNAP and Medicaid beneficiaries in 11 states. The study analyzed data from February — meaning the situation for Walmart workers has likely worsened due to the pandemic.

“That’s right: The richest company in the country, owned by the richest family in the country, pays such low wages that thousands of their workers need food stamps to survive. This is the real looting in America. Enough of this morally obscene corporate welfare. Enough of U.S. taxpayers footing the bill for Walmart’s starvation wages. It’s time for Walmart and the Waltons to pay their fair share, and pay their workers a living wage.” – Robert Reich